Cutting edge technology created to help both cattle and their farmers

Our goal is to provide beef cattle producers with the power of prediction through our sensory technology system. This will alert farmers of any changes that need to be addressed in the late stages of laboring cattle.

Our Mission

At Calving Technologies, our mission is to equip cattle producers with affordable, durable technology that reduces calving mortality rates and increases cattle production overall in effort to improve the lives of farmers.


Statistics indicate that of the 31.7 million beef cows in the US, 10% that are born will die from calving difficulty.

Real Time Analysis

Our collar transmits real time data to a powerful analytics platform.


A Calving Prediction Score alerts ranchers when calving is imminent.

Our Story

It all started in 2016, on Hodges Family Farm. If one of our cows was experiencing issues while having her calf, there was a high chance we would miss it regardless of the 2-3 trips per day to the pasture to check. As we researched more on this, we noticed that thousands of farms in the US experienced the same predicament, so we took the initiative to create a solution to what had been a frustrating and financially costly problem for a lot of beef cattle farmers like us.

Our technology is a wearable device that provides cattle farmers with the power of prediction through innovative sensors. These sensors give the farmer real time updates of the cattle and what stage of labor it’s entering. This helps the farmer to make informed decisions that facilitate a smooth delivery and also preserve the cattle’s life.

Over the past few years, we’ve had an enormous outpouring of support from our community. This has allowed us to succeed and we have gone through fast prototyping, 3 phases of product development, hired a Data Analytics Company, are alpha testing, & fund raised over $90K!

Our Product

Calving Technologies is a precision agriculture and IoT startup, providing sensory hardware and software predictive technology for farmers to track the health of their beef cows within a month of expected calving.

Our first product is a multi-sensory collar that measures various biomedical parameters of late-gestation cows, predicting the timing of calving events 6 to 12 hours in advance – ultimately decreasing calf mortality rates and increasing farm profitability. The product could be used for dairy cattle as well, but our market research shows the greatest value add and opportunity in beef markets.

The product packages multiple sensors that when paired together, generate a calving prediction score. Our system bridges the technological divide by providing data alerts emitted to farmers’ phones or desktops, saving time so that interventions and monitoring can be more consistent. Our system equips beef operations with an efficient cow calving herd management system, by drastically reducing labor efforts and generating a comprehensive health report for every animal.

Meet the Team


Libby Martin

Founder / CEO


Paula Hodges

COO & Co-Founder


Fardis Najafifard

CTO & Co-Founder


We are grateful to have received support from the following organizations.

University of Missouri’s Entrepreneurship Alliance

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